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John Pavon- Founder
Robo Goblet Game updates
Updates to the game now equipted with four 20" wheel for easly moving complete with front & rear brakes and battery powered for turn table & lights.

INTERACTIVE ROBO GAME's is family-owned and operated right here in SF Bay Area. Other companies do not offer similar games or services. You can't beat the price, call now for a free estimate for booking your gig, private or public event. Our Team will contact you within 24-48 hrs. Leave all contact information. We look forward to helping with renting one or both interactive robo games.  Our services are the best, and everyone is a happy camper.  
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Committed to helping our customers achieve their dreams
Local artist with the above theme exploration of nature and science. Artist, Naturist, Photographer, with a Science, Engineering, and Inventor background has draw increasing interest in to how one looks at the world around.
                                         High Speed Acrylic Spin~Art!  
This is a very old art form dating back to the EU Industrial Revolution when the people of France became bored of brush on canvas and machines were made for every possible use the Artist Created many machines some held a paint brush with a arm to apply paint on canvas other rotated the medium and paints were applied.  This machine spins the medium and the user has a choice of four primary colors creating their own design of art work we put on a beveled cut mat board for the frame making the painting something you can be proud ot hand on any wall.  Some kids have enter their art work in the state fair and won! High ribbons even cash prize?  Every year for the past two years we are booked at the famous WellsFargo Center of the Arts in Santa Rosa, CA